Brett Larsen Honored as Performing Arts Teacher of the Year

June 15, 2016 - by: Kai Tepper

In 2015, the Santa Barbara Bowl, in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Education Office, helped to create a new awards program recognizing the dedication and excellence of performing arts teachers throughout the county. On May 26, Brett Larsen, of Adams Elementary School, was honored as the 2016-2017 Performing Arts Teacher of the Year, an award which is sponsored through SB Bowl Education Outreach (EdOut). This is particularly exciting as EdOut has had the opportunity of working with Brett Larsen in the past year through the Instrument Fund, which provides instrument repair and purchases for school music programs. Mr. Larsen is not only a music teacher at Adams Elementary School but also helped to spearhead instrument funding to K-6 schools in the Santa Barbara Unified School District in partnership with EdOut. EdOut is currently in talks with local school districts and other community arts partners to explore possible expansion of in-school and after-school music programming. With on-going evaluation and assessment of the impact of the Instrument Fund, EdOut will continue to address issues of equity and access to ensure that all students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to have high-quality music instruction in their public schools.

To learn more about Santa Barbara Bowl Education Outreach and the Instrument Fund, head over to the EdOut website!