Santa Barbara Bowl Staffing Season 2020

Please review current opportunities for the 2021 Concert Season.

If you have a passion for performing arts and events, consider applying to become part of the Bowl family!


  • Solid starting pay for non-volunteer positions
  • Meet new friends
  • Work with a non-profit community-centered organization

A list of departments currently hiring is provided below.


Facilities Associate

  • Be a part of facilities and event operations
  • Currently seeking 1-3 hard-working and dedicated people to work primarily on event days and set-up days to assist with all things facilities and event operations
  • Requires ability to stand and walk for long periods of time and the ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Requires a positive attitude, ability to communicate well, team-oriented, and a willingness to learn new things.
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Event Staff

  • Be a part of the event and security staff.
  • Positions are through Miller Event Management
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Food and Beverage

  • Be a part of the Bowl’s food, beverage and artist merch team.
  • Seasonal positions directly with the Santa Barbara Bowl
  • Currently seeking  two to three part-time enthusiastic people as dish-washers on event days.  Each shift is six to eight hours.  This position requires long periods of standing and ability to lift up to 30 pounds.
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Parking Staff – Shuttle Driver

  • Be a part of the vehicle operations group
  • Positions are through Bluestar Parking
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  • A fun and energetic group!  
  • Become an usher and make an impact on your community.
  • Meet great like-minded people.
  • Experience amazing shows!
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Bike Valet

  • Volunteer for SBBIKE and help make a giant impact. The Santa Barbara Bowl sponsors complimentary bike valet for every concert.
  • Please note: you must be a registered member of SBBIKE in order to volunteer.
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Full Time Positions

The Santa Barbara Bowl employs a small staff of full-time personnel. It is rare that opportunities for full-time employment arise. They will be posted here if an opportunity becomes available.

Check Back Soon!

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