Third Party Ticket Vendors: Not as Reliable as They Appear

March 15, 2017 - by: Shelby Pool

At SB Bowl, we take pride in the ability to be able to provide affordable tickets to all of our customers either in person or via Contrary to popular belief, third party ticket vendors such as StubHub, Vivid, Ticket Liquidator, and many others, are not as reputable as they may seem. Especially with this year's "ticketless shows," such as Jack Johnson and Radiohead at SB Bowl. It is not uncommon to see ticketing problems like duplicate sales, wrong dates, or incorrect number of ticket with third party sales. All troubles that cannot be solved by Bowl staff since they were bought at an outside company.

Do yourself a favor, when your favorite show of the season gets announced, make sure to either head to the Bowl Box Office or to get your tickets without the hassle. 

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