The Bowl Supports SBDI

January 17, 2019 - by: Kelsey Carter

Today's SB Bowl Outreach highlight is Santa Barbara Dance Institute (SBDI).

This amazing organization works to make arts available to all through their in- and after-school programs, regardless of financial or personal hardships.

SBDI provides dance classes that inspire children and motivate them to believe in themselves by instilling confidence through performing arts. SBDI has created lasting impacts and unforgettable experiences for many children across Santa Barbara county.

One of the newer programs offered through SBDI is the Dance Infusion Training. This is training offered for music and P.E. teachers to incorporate dance into their classroom curriculum in a systematic way, including a performance at the end for the students to show off what they have learned.

The Bowl was proud to take part in the pilot of this program in 2017, when SBDI partnered with 8 teachers at 6 schools within the Orcutt School District bringing dance to over 3,000 students! We have continued to support SBDI in 2018 and going into 2019, as they work to bring dance programs to early childhood students focusing on ages 3-5!

Dance has an enormously positive impact on the lives of students in a multitude of ways both physically and mentally, SBDI works tirelessly to ensure all children are given the chance to partake in the opportunity to learn.

SBDI makes a difference in the lives of many youth within the community of Santa Barbara, and it makes SB Bowl proud to support such an an incredible organization!

Check out the SB Bowl Outreach page to learn more about how The Bowl Outreach supports ongoing efforts to provide access to the performing arts for all.

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