Rare Concert Posters Benefits Bowl Funding

December 10, 2020 - by: Ashly Othic

The Bowl's artist merch booth might be dark but, The Shopkeepers are keeping the vibe alive! An opportunity to collect rare concert posters from past Santa Barbara Bowl shows arises at The Shopkeepers in downtown Santa Barbara!

This curated collection, supplied by Moss Jacobs, heeds a generous 10% donation of each poster sale directly to the Santa Barbara Bowl which supports performing arts in the community.

Now is your chance to grab some of the greatest performers of the last 25 years and help support the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation!

The collection spans a wide variety of talent that's been at the bowl including, Van Morrison, No Doubt, Radiohead, Willie Nelson, Beck, The Mars Volta and more.

Watch full clip here: https://keyt.com/lifestyle/entertainment/2020/12/07/santa-barbara-bowl-memories-could-be-hanging-on-your-wall-soon/?fbclid=IwAR2m7A-7lbNB_uPSC96EsTwo7KrrGMznsA4StW8kmMb6r4fkcT85F3WDCCU

For more information visit the www.sbbowl.com or check out https://shopkeeperssb.com .

To donate directly to the SBBowl Operational Shortfall 2020 relief fund:

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