Get in the loop at the Bowl!

March 03, 2020 - by: Ashly Othic

Happy world hearing day! Did you know the SBBowl’s entire seating area has been ‘looped’ for high-quality assistive listening? Or that Santa Barbara is the leader in "looped" venues in the nation?

Thanks to the generous donation of Nora Hurley, The Manitou Fund covered the entire cost of the hearing loop program that the SBBowl offers today. Every patron now has access to the highest quality sound experience!

Switch your hearing aid or cochlear implant to the “T”, telephone, or hearing loop program. Listening receivers are available for free at every show. Simply request a receiver from a volunteer usher. 

Hearing loop systems take the sound straight from the mix-board, through an amplifier and into a magnetic-field generating looped wire. Hearing aids equipped with telecoils (T-coils) pick up the signal automatically with no background or extraneous noises.

Get in the Loop at the Bowl:

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Santa Barbara International Film Festival

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