Aloha ~ Outreach Success!

July 26, 2023 - by: Ashly Othic

Instrument Fund Success Update!

The Santa Barbara Bowl is always excited to share exciting Outreach program success stories. Just last week, an enthusiastic group of students attending the @United Way of Santa Barbara County (North County) summer learning program gave a lovely Ukulele concert performance thanks to help from the Outreach Instrument Fund program!

The Bowl’s Outreach ‘Instrument Fund’ granted the United Way Santa Barbara over 100 Ukuleles to their “Fun in the Sun” summer learning program. United Way of SB Grants & Communications coordinator Marina Gutierrez said, “Thank you again for supporting the Fun in the Sun program this year. It has been so wonderful to watch our students learn how to play the Ukulele and grow their love for music and exploration!”

The Santa Barbara Bowl is dedicated to increasing access to music education and knows that lack of funding for instruments can be a barrier to interested students. The Bowl’s Instrument Fund was created in direct response to the many recurring needs of local schools and music education programs. Instrument Funding is available to repair and purchase instruments, music equipment, and accessories.

Are you an organization that provides performing arts education for youth? Do you need program support? If you are unfamiliar with the Bowl’s Instrument Fund program, now is the time to learn.

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PC: Isaac Hernandez de Lipa