#mycupandme Green your footprint with good times & good music

My Pint


What is it?

Make a difference! Help eliminate single use cups!

Buy a pint and use it at the Bowl forever!  Every time you get a refill, you'll save $1.

In 2014, in partnership with Jack Johnson, the Bowl launched the #MyPintAndMe campaign to reduce single use plastic cups. This campaign gives concert-goers a chance to purchase new, reusable souvenir pints to help off-set environmental impact. Since beginning this campaign, more than 14,000 single use cups have been eliminated.

How it works

Once you purchase a Bowl souvenir cup, you can bring that cup back to receive a $1 discount on all future refills. This discount is good for the current show and all future shows you bring your cup to.

Don't forget to bring your pint to all Bowl shows.  It's the best way to save money and eliminate single use items.

The Pints!

We know that not everyone looks for the exact same experience. We have worked with many vendors to insure your food and beverage experience matches your expectations.

Cup Pricing Image

  • Steelys Drinkware stainless steel pints with Bowl logo.
      - $10 empty - $15 full – tax included
  • Silipint food-grade silicon pints with Bowl logo.
      - $10 empty - $15 full – tax included
  • Silipint food-grade silicon wine cups with Bowl logo.
      - $10 empty - $15 full – tax included
  • GoVino wine cups with Bowl logo.
      - $3 empty – tax included

Answers to some questions:

Can I bring my own non-Bowl pint?

At this time, we are giving discounts to only Bowl pints. Since we are the first in the nation to have a full program, we are still understanding the operational impacts. Please bring only Bowl reusable items. If the price tag is too much, grab a less expensive GoVino wine glass. It’s the same 16 oz as a beer pint.

Why didn’t “my-favorite-artist” let me bring in my pint?!

Some artists are understandably concerned about allowing water bottles and hard cups in as reusable items. If there is ever an artist that has asked us to limit the type of reusable pints allowed in, you can check your pint at security and pick up a complimentary plastic GoVino to still receive your discount. You can pick your normal pint up at the end of the concert and even get to keep the GoVino.


Since launched at Jack Johnson over 14,000 single use cups have been eliminated through pint sales and refills.

Check out our diversion stats: SB Bowl Landfill Procedures!

Great friends doing great stuff and helping us kick this program off!

Jack Johnson Greening

#rockyourcup from LoaTree

Steelys Drinkware