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Nov 02
Nov 02
Daze of the Dead
hosted by Bill Kreutzmann

Billy & The Kids

Featuring: Tom Hamilton, Aron Magner, Reed Mathis, Brad Barr & Andrew Barr
Date: Thursday, November 02, 2023
Start Time: 6:00 PM

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding tonight’s Santa Barbara Bowl show:

In show business they say the show must go on. In the world of the Grateful Dead, that’s never even been a question. Our community knows how to take lemons and make tie-dye lemonade. We know how to improvise and we know how to jam. And we know how to come together as a community and dance our way through twists and turns while the music plays the bands.

I’ll get right to it then - my wife and I both tested positive for Covid. I’ll be okay other than the immense disappointment and frustration that I’m feeling about having to sit out tonight — I was looking forward to this show since the minute we first talked about it. I’ve been wanting to play the Bowl for years.

I’m very lucky to have the Kids that I do, who have all rallied around me today. As I type this, they are on the stage at the Santa Barbara Bowl getting ready for the show.

As a surprise treat, we were going to have our friend Chris Tomson from Vampire Weekend come out to jam on drums with us for Drums->Space. Chris (“CT”) was already on his way to Santa Barbara when my covid diagnosis came back, and he felt the same way as the rest of the band — the show must go on.

We could have just canceled it outright but we’re all already here and the band and crew have all put so much work into making tonight special, so this is the time for us as Deadheads to come together, celebrate the holiday, and remember that life is precious - any time that we get a chance to honor it by gathering and dancing and singing and reveling, we must do that.

“Day of the Dead” is about spirits, so may the spirit of the Grateful Dead ride with us tonight while the Kids they dance and shake their bones.

For those who opt, full refunds will be issued at the point of sale. I appreciate everyone’s understanding and may the Great Spirit bless the Deadheads.