Education Outreach Spring 2017 Grant Awards

The Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2017 Education Outreach spring cycle grant recipients. The Board voted to approve grants based on recommendations from the Education Outreach Committee, who evaluated applications from local schools, artists and not-for-profit organizations across Santa Barbara County. Funded by generous private donations as well as a Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation contribution of $1 from every concert ticket sold, the Santa Barbara Bowl has awarded over $112,000 in grants to 21 recipients for its spring grant-giving cycle.

Cesar seriously rocks the drums at one of the local Notes for Notes Studio and gets major style points too.

The Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation is a respected funder and partner in performing arts education throughout Santa Barbara County. One of the most important components of the Bowl’s mission is to ensure that everyone has access to music — whether by playing or by listening. In addition to hosting concerts, the Bowl invests in future artists and audiences by supporting performing arts education for youth through their Education Outreach. Initiatives including providing critical resources for expanding youth access to performing arts, including symposiums, arts advocacy, mentorship, and needs-based financial support for arts education programs.

Kids perform on-stage during a Boxtales Theatre Company training.

To qualify for an Education Outreach grant, the organization and/or program must focus on performing arts education for children in grades kindergarten through high school. Programs can be focused at schools during school time, at schools after-school, off-site of schools during or after-school.

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Arts Mentorship Program Free hip-hop workshop for children ages 7-17 that is designed specifically for youth with special needs. The program also targets students from La Cumbre Jr. High School and partners with other groups such as SB Neighborhood clinics, CALM, Transition House, Girls Inc., EDN!, CASA and others. Partial funding will also help to facilitate hip-hop mentorship program.
Budhi Harlow Provides a creative arts program that gives each student access to the development and understanding of their own unique creative process, while providing key brain optimizing techniques through the Rhythm, Song and Dance Program. The experience of this whole brain optimizing gives each student a deeper sense of their creative potential, with direct benefits in self-esteem and group/team social skills.
Boxtales Theatre Company

An international model for excellence in theatre and arts education. Their innovative original plays for youth and adults are based in world mythology, folktales, and multicultural literature. Their educational programs integrate a variety of world performance and ritual traditions, providing students with theatre skills while encouraging resilience, curiosity, self- awareness, and compassion.

Children's Creative Project Provides arts experiences for underserved children not normally exposed to the arts; including the visual and performing arts in a child's basic education, collaborating with school districts, artists, and arts organizations to develop arts education programs; and providing arts education workshops and performances that address the State Dept. of Education Visual & Performing Arts Content Standards.
Flamenco Arts Festival

Places a spotlight on Hispanic Heritage Month through the presentation of world-class flamenco performances and related educational programs; promote and preserve the art of flamenco; make the performing arts accessible to families and children; and build bridges of positive experiences between people.

Flamenco Santa Barbara

Supports the teaching and performance of Flamenco dance and music and the sharing of that art form with diverse community audiences... reinforcing community, tradition, dedication, the arts, cultural diversity & public service.

Girls Rock SB Empowers girls through music, promoting an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity, and teamwork. GRSB challenges gender stereotypes, encourages collaboration and tolerance among peers, and provides a comfortable space for girls of all backgrounds to express themselves. Through mentoring, workshops, group activities, and performance, girls learn skills that help guide them throughout their lives.
Guadalupe Kids Come First First ever school-wide dance program that will be facilitated in part through Children's Creative Project. Funding supports a visiting dance instructor to provide instruction in swing dancing for a Mary Buren Elementary School in Guadalupe.
JAMS Through music and mentoring, JAMS provides a path to self-improvement to help transform the lives of the underserved students in the Santa Barbara community.
Michael Katz Storytelling The mission is to share with elementary students the wonder and benefits of storytelling; the oldest of human art forms. Through his performances, Michael Katz exposes students to different cultures through their stories, and the rich morals and wisdom within.
Music and Arts Conservatory Dedicated to important educational reform through arts practice and arts education, the Santa Barbara Music and Arts Conservatory's mission and vision is to incorporate every aspect of the arts into a comprehensive curriculum for students from pre-school through high school to supplement and enhance the dearth of fine arts education currently in our school system.
Notes for Notes Builds, equips and staffs afterschool recording studios packed with guitars, drums, keys/synths, DJ gear, digital music stations and full recording studios offering youth completely FREE access to explore, create and record music.
Parents for Summerland Sponsors enrichment activities, provides resources, and supports Summerland school's staff in their quest to educate our children to the best of their ability.
Parents for Summerland Sponsors enrichment activities, provides resources, and supports Summerland school's staff in their quest to educate our children to the best of their ability.
Partners in Education Connects businesses and individuals with schools and the organizations that serve them to improve public education in ways that support a more vibrant economy, the health of our community, and the well-being of local children and their families.
San Marcos High School Band

To provide strategic guidance and funding for projects to support all students and further drive San Marcos High School to excellence in academics, extracurricular pursuits, and facilities.

SB Dance Institute Provides educational dance programs that help children develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and a belief in themselves that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.
SB Symphony Orchestra

Provides enrichment through inspiring concerts, music education programs and access for all.

SB Youth Music Academy

Provides private group lessons as a pathway to becoming a member of a musical group, participating in live stage performances. The Academy’s long-range goal is for students to appreciate the “gift of giving” and pursue their musical talents as a life passion.

Spotlight Kids Camp Dedicated to creating a safe and educational performing arts space for children between the ages of 5-17 in the Santa Barbara community.
Summer Stock Theatre

The importance of this program in the world today is to introduce and start generating children’s creativity and relationship with the community as they get older and older their feet are grounded in creativity.

Youth Interactive The Youth Interactive mandate is to equalize the opportunity divide and to help provide sustainable social change for generations to come through the arts and the art of entrepreneurship.
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