Greening the Bowl

Beauty abounds on the Santa Barbara Bowl’s 17-acre island of open space, so it is only natural that we would want to protect and take care of this land. The Bowl is currently a concert-industry leader in greening procedures. Today, our Greening the Bowl initiative seeks to make the venue as close to carbon neutral as possible. To achieve this goal, we are using multiple approaches:

  • Become stewards of the land by cultivating California native and drought-tolerant plants and creating an open, natural space for all flora and fauna.
  • Encourage alternate forms of transportation, including car-free and rideshare opportunities.
  • Lower production of landfill material as close to zero as possible through recycling, reuse of all possible materials, reduction of single-use materials and composting
  • Reduce energy consumed through a comprehensive, low-energy lighting initiative
  • Eliminate annual power consumption through large-scale photovoltaic installations