Important Notice Regarding Safety, Health:

By attending the Santa Barbara Bowl (the “Bowl”), you and your guests are agreeing to observe all applicable rules, instructions and guidance from Bowl regarding conduct at events, as well as applicable laws and regulations, including those regarding safety protocols. All patrons are expected to behave in a lawful and safe manner, and to refrain from acting in a manner that endangers other individuals or adversely impacts the Bowl experience of other patrons. Failure to do so, as determined in the Bowl’s sole discretion, may result in you or your guests being ejected from the Bowl; individuals ejected on this basis will not be entitled to any refund, whether for themselves or for guests attending events with them. The Bowl also reserves the right to involve local authorities as deemed appropriate in its sole discretion, including but not limited to in circumstances where patrons are inebriated, combative and/or disruptive. However, the Bowl does not accept responsibility for the conduct of patrons acting in violation of law and/or Bowl rules and requirements, including damage to personal property, personal injury or death to third parties that may result from such misconduct. In addition, you and your guests also should be aware that an inherent risk of exposure to infectious diseases (including COVID-19/coronavirus and influenza) exists in public places where groups of people are present. 

By purchasing or otherwise accepting a ticket to any Bowl event, you are acknowledging that you understand this inherent risk of exposure to any such infectious diseases and the risk of damage to property and/or injury by third parties, including serious illness and death, in public places where groups of people are present, such as the Bowl. 

This risk extends beyond you to people with whom you may come into contact who may thereafter be exposed to such infectious diseases. By attending the Bowl, you and your guests are voluntarily assuming all risks related to third party misconduct and exposure to infectious disease. You and your guests, on behalf of yourselves and your family members, heirs and representatives, agree, to the fullest extent permitted by law, not to hold any event organizers, venue owners and operators, artists, performers or any of their respective employees, agents, managers, insurers or contractors, liable for any damage to personal property or illness or injury, including death, of yourself or any third parties with whom you come into contact arising from third party misconduct and/or exposure to infectious disease(s) in connection with attendance at the Bowl by you or your guests. You are voluntarily choosing to attend the Bowl and understand that you will not be able to hold anyone associated with the Bowl liable for any harm you or your family or guests may suffer as a result.