The Many Faces of Leon Bridges

September 10, 2018 - by: Kelsey Carter

Croatian designer Filip Peraić's immense artistic talent came to light after he created a series of impressive portraits of basketball player James Harden. One of the first to reach out and recognize this talent was Leon Bridges and his team.

Peraić was asked to create distinct artwork for Bridge's newest album, "Good Thing". He created a different profile portrait for each track on the new album, often hiding the art in other abstract items. The artwork would go on to be used in many places including social media, prints, merchandise, the album, and even animations during live performances.

One unique place Filip Peraić's portraits of Leon Bridges can be found is right here in Santa Barbara, hanging on the walls of Paseo Nuevo. They can also be seen in Downtown Los Angeles, Subways of New York City, Australia, and Berlin.

In an article with the Santa Barbara Independent, Flilp spills that Leon's favorite portrait is a portrait created for the track "Mrs." consisting of his face hidden within a rose.

Check out the full article here.

Be sure to head to Paseo Nuevo and check out the awesome artwork for yourself, and grab your tickets to see the artwork during Leon Bridges' September 12 show at SB Bowl before it's too late!

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