SBBOWL Open Air Music Studio Unveils

December 02, 2021 - by: Ashly Othic

The SONOS & Santa Barbara Bowl Open Air Music Studio Unveils!

SBBowl is thrilled to announce the “SONOS & Santa Barbara Bowl Open-Air Music Studio" Grand opening this Saturday, Dec. 4th, 2021!

Through SBBowl's Education Outreach Instrument Fund, we have partnered with TFMI, SONOS, and the DW Music Foundation to aid with creating the first ever Open-Air Music Studio in Santa Barbara.

Through the generosity of SONOS, who supplied the means for the physical construction, and the SB Bowl Foundation’s Instrument Fund grants for the recording equipment and instruments, TFMI was able to build and complete Santa Barbara’s first Open-Air Music Studio in the fall of 2021.

This studio was a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that helps ensure the safety of TFMI students in all the programs offered at TFMI. As the pandemic gradually becomes less severe, the Open-Air studio will continue to be used as a multi-sensory outdoor classroom that nurtures the arts and inspires learning for young people for years to come.

The studio was designed and proudly built by David Rojas, The Director of Music Programs for the Turner Foundation.

What’s inside the studio: The Open-Air Music Studio is equipped with a 60" smart TV housed by an outdoor TV enclosure donated by our partners at TV SHIELD, a TASCAM 24 which is a full featured digital multitrack recorder used for live and in-studio applications, two mounted QSC CP8 powered loudspeakers, furnished with a 20' x 20' shade sail for proper shading, outdoor outlets for quick easy gear set-up, and flood lights for evening activities. The studio is ready 24/7 for students to set-up their instruments, mics, and hit record.

Santa Barbara Bowl’s Instrument Fund ensures that lack of an instrument doesn’t prevent a child from learning to play music. The Instrument Fund came about in direct response to the recurring needs of local schools and arts education programs.

Are you an organization that supports performing arts education? Are you in need of support? Bowl Outreach programs can supply funding to those who fulfill the proper requirements. Learn more about our support programs below.

For more information on Bowl Outreach and how to apply for the Instrument Funding:

To donate directly to the Bowl Outreach program please visit:

OAMS Location: 524 W. Canon Perdido at The Village - Community Learning Center

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