SBBowl is rich with “Fiesta” history!

August 01, 2019 - by: Ashly Othic

Viva La Santa Barbara Bowl! The SBBowl, constructed with WPA funds by out of work local stone masons, was originally constructed to facilitate the "Old Spanish Days" celebrations and pageants.

Almost named the "Will Rogers Bowl", the beloved venue was built in the year 1936 with an original capacity of about 3,000 patrons with box seats and the ticket office located in the current Main Plaza. After $40,000,000 in renovations, the Bowl has come a long way and can now host 4,500+ patrons at each concert.

How incredible to see the original archival photos from the the Bowl's beginning for early Fiesta pageantry! Come see a show and continue to be a part of Santa Barbara's rich community history. 

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