SB Bowl Supports Orcutt Children’s Arts Foundation

December 13, 2018 - by: Kelsey Carter

SB Bowl Outreach loves to provide support to organizations working to make performing arts accessible for all. Twice a year, the Bowl goes through an application process to provide funding to deserving organizations with that goal in mind.

This year funding was provided to the Orcutt Children's Arts Foundation working to bring arts to the 7 schools within the Orcutt Union School District.

One of the most successful programs put on by the foundation is in partnership with the Santa Barbara Dance Institute known as the "Groove Dance" program, a favorite by both students and teachers.

The Santa Barbara Dance Institute provides training to music and PE teachers within the Orcutt school district, teaching a newly developed curriculum to incorporate in the classroom through dance.

After being implemented in everyday learning, the students (grades 1-6) celebrate their dance education with a recital attended by faculty members, peers, and community members.

The Groove Dance program helps build confidence, tenacity, physical awareness, leadership, and collaboration in students that might not otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to dance. The program has become such a success that both teachers and students request that it be brought back each year!

Are you a part of an organization that may be interested in support from SB Bowl Outreach? Head to the Outreach page for more details.

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