SB Bowl Outreach Supports Rockshop Academy

January 24, 2019 - by: Kelsey Carter

This week's SB Bowl Outreach highlight is Rockshop Academy!

Rockshop Academy is an after school program where students between the ages of 10-18 can take music lessons, attend camps, and put on live musical performances.

Classes have an average of 10 students per session, with 2 teachers present at all times. Many of the teachers are previous Rockshop students, or current students of high school level.

Not only can high schoolers gain community service hours by volunteering to teach, but it also creates a peer-to-peer mentorship environment. Students are then able to take their knowledge of music as well as teaching and turn that into a career. This allows Santa Barbara to retain their community artists!

Rockshop Academy works to expose students to the art form of their choice (drums, guitar, bass, piano, voice), in addition to other forms and cultures as well. Students leave with an understanding of rhythm, music arrangements, basic theory, and how sounds and rhythms are tied to certain culture and geographic locations.

In addition to gaining some awesome new music skills, the Rockshop Academy improves overall confidence, reduces stress and anxiety, educates students on the marketing of shows, and teaches them how to be team players.

SB Bowl outreach is proud to support the Rockshop's efforts in making classes available to any and all young rockstars interested!

Find out more about SB Bowl's mission to provide access to performing arts for all here. 

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