SB Bowl Outreach Supports Certain Sparks at the Lompoc Valley Flower Festival

June 19, 2018 - by: Kelsey Carter

Don’t miss the Lompoc Valley Flower Festival, June 20-24 at Ryon Park in Lompoc, where there will be jam-packed events for the whole family, including carnival rides, arts and crafts, and a flower parade. Of special note, is the festival’s youth stage sponsored by the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation and hosted by Certain Sparks Music Foundation. Located in the heart of Lompoc, Certain Sparks combines the best of all-things-music in one location: music store, music school, and recording studio. The youth stage will feature a student recital, open mic performances, and even free music lessons throughout the weekend. Thank you, Certain Sparks, for providing not only the stage for aspiring artists to experience the benefits of music, but for your ongoing effort to educate and provide children the opportunity to grow their love for performing arts.

Santa Barbara Bowl's Education Outreach program strives to make a difference within Santa Barbara communities supporting and sponsoring organizations that aim to provide youth with access to performing arts. Similarly, one dollar of every ticket purchased to a show at the Bowl, will go towards our Ticket Subsidy program. The program makes it possible to subsidize the cost of tickets to shows here at the Bowl to give deserving youth members of the Santa Barbara community a chance to experience live music.

Check out the list of upcoming concerts and purchase a ticket to help subsidize the cost of a future children’s ticket, and change the life of a child in the community that otherwise would not have the opportunity, as they experience all of the joy that the Santa Barbara Bowl has to offer!

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