SB Bowl and Notes for Notes Continued Growth and Partnership

November 28, 2017 - by: Shelby Pool

SB Bowl and Notes for Notes share a longstanding partnership based on the common belief that music exploration is one of the most valuable forms of education for young students. Over the years, SB Bowl aided Notes for Notes during crucial times enabling them to keep their doors open with several Education Outreach grants.

We are extremely proud of their expansion not only within the Santa Barbara Community, but nationwide as well. Which is why we are excited to share that they have just opened their flagship, youth studio in Nashville, Tennessee! As a thank you for the years of support and ongoing partnership, Notes for Notes recognized Santa Barbara Bowl Board President, Greg Faulkner, with a "Diamond Record" at the ceremonial "Guitar Strumming" ceremony in Nashville in early November. 

Learn more about Notes for Notes and all that they do here in Santa Barbara and across the nation.

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