Rebelution and Their Hometown Love

July 02, 2018 - by: Kelsey Carter

Rebelution drummer Wesley Finley writes for Artist Waves and describes how the city of Santa Barbara not only brought Rebelution together, but continues to be a place of inspiration and a calming sense of home for the band. After meeting and forming the band at Santa Barbara Community College, the first real gigs given to the young boys were at the college itself, as well as multiple small venues around Santa Barbara County. While the band's popularity has exploded, Santa Barbara continues to be a place held close to their hearts, as shown in the release of their 2016 track titled "Santa Barbara". Finley goes on to mention his admiration for the city and even the Santa Barbara Bowl stating that, "Even though we’ve grown up and have moved on, it’s awesome to have a beautiful venue in the SB Bowl to come back to and a crowd to make us feel like we’re home again!" Rebelution's newest and 6th album "Free Reign" will touch upon all the places and experiences that have shaped the band and made them who they are today, much in the way Santa Barbara has. "Free Reign" is available today and can be purchased on their website.

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