Outreach Sponsors Kid’s Stage at Fiesta

August 01, 2017 - by: Shelby Pool

It's Fiesta time, and SB Bowl is so excited for this week of cultural festivities that SB Bowl Outreach will sponsor the kid's performance stage at The McKenzie Park Mercado! 

"Old Spanish Days Santa Barbara is dedicated to honoring and preserving Santa Barbara’s history, spirit, culture, heritage and traditions. By aligning ourselves with Santa Barbara’s Spanish heritage, we provide a venue for young dancers to perform traditional flamenco dance. We also added space for young musicians to perform. We are the only annual event in the county that provide the youth of our community four straight days of performance opportunities." —Greg Hogan, Fiesta Mercado Del Norte Coordinator

Don't miss any of these awesome performances and events. Check out the schedule for the week here!

Help us continue to grow youth arts organizations and programs in our community by donating today.

Want to learn more about what SB Bowl is doing in the community? Click Outreach on our website!


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