Local Heroes 2022

November 28, 2022 - by: Ashly Othic

SBBowl’s very own Executive Director, Rick Boller was recognized as one of SB Independent’s Local Heroes of 2022! The Bowl is proud to have Rick's leadership and integrity at the helm.

Congratulations Rick, this is well deserved!

The name Rick Boller and the Santa Barbara Bowl, in some ways, were destined to come together. Boller grew up here, went to Santa Barbara High, and even did a stint as an usher back in the day when the venue was known as the County Bowl.

“Like many of my peers when I was growing up who were musicians, and who went off and became really well-known, one of the things they always mentioned was hoping they would be able to come back and play on the Santa Barbara Bowl stage,” said Boller. “That is a big moment of arrival, at least in their minds, so yeah, I think about it for myself. Every day, I get to be associated with the Bowl — that’s pretty cool.”

Read the entire “Local heroes of 2022” article here:https://www.independent.com/2022/11/22/local-heroes-2022-santa-barbara/