Lighting Overhaul at the Bowl

January 15, 2014 - by: Haaris Ahmed

We are thrilled to announce a major step in our Greening the Bowl initiative: a major lighting overhaul. Through generous community support, we were able to replace incandescent lamps with ultra-low wattage LED fixtures. This shift significantly decreases our electricity consumption, moving us ever-closer to being a carbon-neutral venue.

Here's a rundown of the numbers:

  • 80+ step lights throughout the venue: switched from 15w - 25w lamps to 1w LEDs
  • 8 work-light fixtures used on stage after shows (pictured): switched from 500w quartz incandescent bulbs to 39w LEDs
  • 8 road lights on Rex Way (main patron entry and exit point): switched from 500w quartz lamps to 36w LEDs
  • Many more individual fixtures have been replaced or will be replaced soon.

The new step lights are custom-designed through a generous partnership with the Lucifer Lighting Company. These and all other lighting upgrades strive to maintain the same high-standard aesthetics our valued patrons have come to expect.

Stay tuned for more carbon-conscious lighting projects in 2014, including the use of low-wattage fixtures in the Dreier Box Office and Administration Building.

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