How To Bowl: The Box Office Advantage

March 02, 2018 - by: Shelby Pool

When tickets are in demand, these smiling faces are the ones to turn to for all of your SB Bowl ticketing needs! Not only are they hospitable and attentive, they are also super knowledgeable about SB Bowl as a venue and will be the most help in getting you the best possible seats available.

They work diligently to make sure customers waiting in line during an on sale will leave happily—hopefully with tickets in hand! During the season, they are at the Dreier Box Office at the SB Bowl Monday through Friday from 11AM to 6PM to ensure there is always a chipper face waiting to sell tickets to any one of the available shows.

Don't waste any more time fiddling around online looking for tickets, let these beauties help you out next time you're in need! Head to the Box Office page on our website for more information on the "Bowl Box Office Advantage."

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