EdOut Supports Vista De Las Cruces School Theatre

May 19, 2017 - by: Shelby Pool

During the Fall 2016 Grant Cycle, SB Bowl was able to offer Vista De Las Cruces School a grant to help cover the cost of operational materials for their "Free to Be You and Me" theatrical performance through our Education Outreach program.

"Our desired outcomes including expanding exposure to the arts for students interested in arts and with limited access given location of residence and financial limitations. The mission of Vista del Mar Foundation is to augment the financial resources of the Vista Del Mar Union School District to support co- and extra-curricular activities. By introducing students to opportunities to experience a broader spectrum of the arts, we are expanding their academic and personal opportunities—and hopefully introducing students to a greater appreciation of the arts in the process." -Vista Theatre Fundraising Coordinator, Belinda Hammond

Help us continue to grow youth arts organizations and performances in our community by donating today.

Don't forget to check out the "Free to Be You and Me" tonight at the Vista De Las Cruces School Gymnasium! Tickets available at the door. 

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