EdOut Supports Righetti High School’s 40th Annual Big Show

March 31, 2017 - by: Shelby Pool

This year, SB Bowl was able to offer Righetti High School Marimba Band & Ballet Folklórico a flash grant to help cover the cost of costuming for their Big Show through our Education Outreach program.

"The Righetti High School Marimba Band and Ballet Folklórico allows students from all backgrounds to experience and understand music and dance as elements of Mexican heritage, giving Chicano students in particular, a special opportunity to learn about, identify with, and express pride in their culture and to interact with Chicanos and Latinos on campus. Every year our group averages over 30 performances for local schools, civic organizations and community events. Through these events the group exposes its audiences to the rich and vibrant world of Mexican folk dance and both traditional and contemporary música latina, thereby fostering an appreciation and pride in Mexican tradition and culture." -Program Director, Ricardo Gabaldón Jr.

Help us continue to grow youth arts organizations and performances in our community by donating today.

Don't forget to check out the Big Show tonight and tomorrow! Tickets available at the door. 

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