Congrats Fall Grant Awardees

December 20, 2021 - by: Ashly Othic

Congratulations to all Outreach Fall Grant awardees! The Santa Barbara Bowl recognizes your passion and challenging work to sustain music, theater, and dance education programs for the youth of Santa Barbara County.

Dedicated to investing in future artists and audiences, the Santa Barbara Bowl Outreach provides essential support and resources to youth performing arts programs throughout Santa Barbara County.

This years Education Outreach grant awards have helped support programs such as SBHS instrumental music, Alcazar Theatre, Children's Creative Project, and many more. Again, congratulations to all 2021 grant recipients!

Are you an organization that supports performing arts education for youth? Are you in need of program support? Outreach grant applications will reopen for the Spring Cycle in 2022 and once again in the fall.

Stay tuned for 2022 Outreach application opening announcements!

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