Civilized & The National- A Night to Remember

October 22, 2018 - by: Kelsey Carter

Did you catch the National at SB Bowl?

Civilized published a review of the show praising the rock band for its genuine, emotional, and impressive performance.

"Well, in a time when there are not a lot of solid rock bands to hang your hat on, The National has always delivered - and still always delivers - solid sets with a charismatic frontman anchored by tight but large-sound instrumentals that reflect oppressive emotional weight that most adult people can channel, especially nowadays."

The article goes on with a brief summary of the evening including a set list and details down to the lead singer's dance moves.

Civilized ends the piece claiming that the National put on an epic show, one that will be talked about by fans for a long time to come.

"Yes, the air at the Santa Barbara Bowl was chilly that night, but goosebumps were felt all around as the audience sang as a unified whole, and we all acknowledged that this was indeed, a very special night to experience"

Check out the full article here.

Relive The National's performance with official photos of the show 

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