Boy George Spills the Secrets of His Success to Forbes

August 01, 2018 - by: Kelsey Carter

Like every great musician, Boy George looked up to many artists before him to shape him into the iconic star that he is today. He recently sat down with Forbes and described who influenced him the most and how he became a worldwide sensation by the age of 21.

Boy George describes that one of his greatest inspirations came from David Bowie, and one of his most life changing moments was attending the last ever Ziggy Stardust concert in 1972. Boy George found comfort in how Bowie used terms such as "queer" in non-derogatory ways, after hearing it only as an insult throughout his young life.

Boy George also discovered Bob Dylan through the lyrics of Bowies' track "Hunky Dory," and found particular inspiration through his album "Desire". Through Dylan he realized that artists can use their music to touch upon important topics including politics and personal beliefs.

The last noteworthy life-changing moment for Boy George was the forming of Culture Club, their rising fame, and the release of the album "Colour by Number." Recounting that moment Boy George claims, "I think of that being being the moment that changed my life forever. I joke about that being the moment I married the world and I stopped having any sort of privacy."

Read the full Forbes article here.

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