Bowl Update

August 27, 2020 - by: Ashly Othic

The Santa Barbara Bowl has seen many many renovations throughout its rich history. If you are a frequent concert-goer, then you have noted the Bowl's progression through the years blossoming from a once small dusty "County Bowl" to the epic world-class venue of today!

The latest construction project to repair the hill-side slide is well underway! 

Currently, the Bowl is undergoing the hillside rejuvenation project. A portion of the hill-side by the audience seating area began to slowly move over the past two years. This meant we needed to stabilize the hillside and build a support wall for future slide prevention. Although a huge undertaking, the construction process has brought an opportunity to add storage space and create a better working area for artists and crew when in season.

The construction is set to be completed by February 2021.
Check out the progression photo below and you'll see what an incredible job the construction crew has already accomplished.

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