Blast From the Bowl Past

March 29, 2019 - by: Kelsey Carter

While exploring the archives, we rediscovered an old program from the 1939 Old Spanish Days' Fiestas at SB Bowl!

The Bowl was originally built in 1936 to house part of the annual Fiesta celebrations, before becoming the venue that it is today.

Old Spanish Days Fiesta is a yearly week long event, beginning in 1923 and celebrating the spirit and traditions of old Santa Barbara Spanish founders through parades, musical performances, dance, rodeo, and other family events.

The program details the final performance of the 1939 Fiesta weekend, taking place at the Bowl and titled, "Nacimiento de Santa Barbara".

Critics from the Santa Barbara News-Press paint a descriptive picture of the beautiful venue and the surrounding bustling city. "In the moonlight it is a picture beyond compare, something to be seen no place else in the world, this pageant that Charlie Pressley has built up to magic beauty".

Although the Bowl has grown immensely since the first Fiesta celebrations, it is clear that SB Bowl was and will always be a special place for the people of the Santa Barbara community.

Checkout the full article below!

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