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Capital Projects – Since 1994, the citizens of Santa Barbara have contributed $40 million for the restoration and renovation of the Santa Barbara Bowl, resulting in one of the most elegant outdoor venues in the world, all the while maintaining the Bowl’s historic American Craftsman-style architectural integrity.To protect the community’s significant investment, respond to needs, and stay at the forefront of production technology, the Bowl will continue to raise capital funds to invest in essential infrastructure upgrades.

Once an at-risk venue, the Bowl is now positioned to support the modern touring industry well into the future and, at the same time, is committed to staying ahead of the evolving technology and facility advancements necessary for a major concert venue to maintain its leadership position in the industry.

Facility Maintenance Fund – The purpose of the Facility Maintenance Fund is to build a financial reserve that will enable the Bowl’s management to respond to capital needs in a timely fashion. With a powerful investment from the community to rebuild the venue over the past 20 years, the Bowl Foundation has a responsibility to protect that investment with ongoing, regularly scheduled, preventative maintenance, as well as be prepared to respond to unforeseen needs.

Education Outreach – Since 2003, the Bowl’s Education program has touched the lives of over 250,000 Central Coast school-age children and teens. The Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation dedicates $1 for every ticket sold to Bowl events to subsidize this program. This funding source, along with private donations directly to Outreach, has created a financially stable institutional commitment propelling the program into years of aggressive growth.Today, the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation is a respected funder and partner in performing arts education in the greater Santa Barbara community. A unique approach, unserved by any other organization, has evolved by focusing on community feedback through symposiums and need-based program support.

Thanks to the Board and management’s fiscal responsibility, the Bowl operates in the black from earned income. Consequently, all capital and facility maintenance contributions are directed as designated.

For more information on opportunities to support the Bowl, please contact Rick Boller, Executive Director at 805-308-9777.

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