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Sep 30
Sep 30
Emotions Entertainment Presenta

Banda MS de Sergio Lizárraga

Date: Sunday, September 30, 2018
Start Time: 7:00 PM

Official Photos

Artist Bio

 “We are a group like any of today’s renowned bands, but with a different style of interpretation, not to sound like the others and thus be able to appear from the competition”.

“When the guys and I began with this musical project, we dreamed of living what we are now living. But we never imagines that we would achieve it in such a short time; being on stages that we have stepped on and to be where we are now. We know that we have a long way to go but everything went beyond our expectations. I saw myself with a good band, playing well, working … but not like what we have achieved until today”.

Words by Sergio Lizárraga

Members of the Band:

Oswaldo Sílvas Carreón (Vocalist)

Alan Manuel Ramírez Salcido (Vocalist)

Jairo Ernesto Osuna Tirado (Clarinet)

Alberto Lizárraga Lizárraga (Clarinet)

Pavel Josué Ocampo Quintero (Clarinet)

Elías Nordahl Piña (Trompet)

José Francisco Iturralde Lizárraga (Trompet)

Ricardo Nordahl Piña (Trompet)

José Javier Osuna Samano (Harmony)

Nicolás Tisnado Viera (Harmony)

José Alonso Viera Valdez (Trombone)

José Ángel Rojas Moreno (Trombone)

Francisco Javier Hernández Jiménez (Trombone)

Roberto Fausto Sánchez Aguirre (Tuba)

Christian Yahir Osuna Arechiga (Tambora)

Luis Fernando Osuna Torres (Tarolas)

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