2020 Shortfall

The Santa Barbara Bowl is a not for profit organization dedicated to building and maintaining the best venue in the world.

With the current pandemic and a lack of concerts, the Bowl is facing an operational funding shortfall. It is imperative that we raise funds for basic annual operations during these difficult times.

Our goal is to raise $612,000 to help off-set costs while we are dark.  To date we have raised $63,375 of that amount.  THANK YOU!


Postponed or Canceled Concerts

Please consider donating your ticket purchase to the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation.  To do so please visit  DONATE to support the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation once you have received your refund amount.

Ticket Policies for current postponed or cancelled:

Tickets for all cancelled concerts will be refunded immediately.

Tickets for all postponed and rescheduled concerts will have a 30-day window for refunds once a new date has been scheduled.

Thank you for your past, present and future support of the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation:

Board and Staff

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